Rarible is one such platform that allows artists to mint, buy, and sell NFTs with ease. By leveraging Rarible's intuitive interface and wide reach within the NFT community, you can showcase your artwork to a global audience of collectors and enthusiasts.

Minting Your NFTs

Minting refers to the process of creating and tokenizing your artwork as an NFT. To mint your NFTs on platforms like Rarible, simply upload your digital files, specify the desired quantity, set royalty percentages, and add any additional details or metadata. Once minted, your artwork will be assigned a unique token ID and stored securely on the blockchain, ready to be bought, sold, or traded by collectors. Your NFTs once minted, will ne also available on Open Sea.

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I’m using a Voice to make some of my artwork available as NFTs for my collectors. Start minting NFTs for free today!

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